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No More Thinking for Air Law
No More Thinking for Air Law
  Kartal Law Firm, primarily in the field of air law clients and their partners in the field of air law is trying to close the lack. Because air law...
18 Nisan 2019 10:55
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Kartal Law Firm, primarily in the field of air law clients and their partners in the field of air law is trying to close the lack. Because air law in Turkey that has developed very quickly over the world, especially of the most rapidly growing sector in Turkey has become one of them. Even if there is a national or international legislation in this area, it has not been so fast that the judiciary members develop themselves in this area, especially the lawyers.

As such, the presence of Aviation Law is known as a very challenging issue. However, Kartal Law Firm is always ready to close Aviation Solicitor Turkey in the best way with its vast experience in this field and the equipment of its personnel. Besides, Kartal Law Firm should not only be referred to as Aviation Lawyers Turkey team because it operates in more than one area. After all, from insurance to aircraft finance, it is ready to be with its clients and business partners in many areas.

Legal Consultancy Service

Kartal Law Firm does not have to be directly involved in a dispute resolution. Of course, it is also possible to provide legal or commercial consultancy services. He has a team of legal advisory services who are aware of the many problems in this area, who have very accurate predictions for the resolution of many disputes and who are aware of the expectations of the clients and business partners.

Moreover, this team has not only limited itself with the law, but also carried out many activities in the field of aviation. Moreover, thanks to a professional approach, clients and business partners will have the right to get the right support from the right place.

Staff with vast experience

Kartal Law Firm’s experience should also be addressed. After all, like other law firms, it has not been content to operate in courthouses or commercial areas. Eagle Law Firm, since 1994, ie over 25 years of experience with many events have taken place in the world and Turkey has played an active role in resolving the dispute elders.

Kartal Law Firm’s efforts to solve the problems in the world and in the history of Turkish aviation and in many cases, including aircraft accidents, will never be lost. In this way, Kartal Law Firm and his team have been prepared for all kinds of situations by making best use of the opportunities that are granted to them and have completed all their deficiencies in the finest detail and has achieved to get a new experience from each event in the best way. Moreover, they continue to add new experiences to these experiences. This experience will, of course, be reflected in the high-quality services offered to clients and partners.

Work with Real Aircraft

Another privilege that Kartal Law Firm offers to its clients and business partners is different from other companies is that the team in this company is not only a lawyer. One of the most important members of this team, Ali Kartal is an experienced and trained lawyer and a real aviator at the same time. Ali Kartal, also known as Commercial Pilot License, has given years to this business and has faced numerous events in many fields.

As such, it will be completely different from a team member who is directly involved in this work, to receive both legal consultancy, advocacy and other services related to aviation. Moreover, it is a very special opportunity to obtain this service from a lawyer who is also an experienced aviator. Moreover, the other members of the team will have numerous advantages to their clients and business partners as they have many outstanding qualities such as Attorney Ali Kartal.

Domination of International Law

As is known, the aviation sector has not only limited with Turkey and in no time you will not. As such, international law applies in this field. However, mastering international law requires advanced expertise. As such, a lawyer working in international law never see itself as sufficient; he must be able to work with all his power in order to add more to him / her.

While Kartal Law Firm does this in the best way, the team members have never adopted a stable professional life in order to add new things to themselves. The aviation sector, which incorporates many aspects such as foreign language, constantly changing legislation, both national law and international law, makes it compelling to work with lawyers who know very well how to develop and master innovation in this field. Employees with Kartal Law Firm have developed itself in this field. In addition, you will be informed instantly of all kinds of innovations.

Superior Service in Insurance

Kartal Law Firm offers many qualified services in the field of insurance. Moreover, these services will never be limited to insurance for aviation. Insurance services are also available at sea and on land. In this way, companies that provide services in commercial lines will have the opportunity to perform these services in a much more comfortable way. As it is known, insurance law is a branch of law which contains many provisions regarding both private and public law. Therefore, it will not be enough to judge only one branch of law.

The insurance law, which is a mixed branch of law, therefore requires advanced expertise. On the other hand, while providing consultancy services in insurance, clients and business partners will have the opportunity to work with the personnel with the widest experience in this field.

Best in Reinsurance

Kartal Law Firm does not only offer insurance services to its individual business partners. At the same time, it is very pleased to offer these services to its business partners who are directly insured. This service is also called reinsurance. Reinsurance can also be defined as re-insurance. Insurance companies that receive re-insurance services. Insurance companies assume numerous risks as required by the nature of their business.

However, it is sometimes difficult to overcome these risks. In order to prevent this situation, the reinsurance that has been undertaken regarding the risks undertaken is also reinsurance. Business partners who receive reinsurance services from Kartal Law Firm will feel the privilege of getting service from an established firm in this field and working with an experienced team at every opportunity. Moreover, insurance companies will be able to continue their activities without any risk.

Best Choice in Finance Support

Kartal Law Firm is also in the field of finance with its clients. As can be expected, the aviation sector may require very serious budgets and it may be very difficult to operate in this sector and develop in this sector. However, Kartal Law Firm will arrange the relations of all credit institutions, especially the business partners and banks, as well as provide aircraft finance service.

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